10 Most Popular Nigerian Apps on Google Playstore

10 Most Popular Nigerian Apps on Google Playstore
This is the Top 10 Most Popular Nigerian Apps on Google Playstore. I was intrigued when I discover many of them when I did the research. The numbers of smart phone users in Nigeria is increasing everyday. There are over 15 million smart phones in Nigeria.
Majority of these smart phones are powered by android operating systems owned by Google.
With over a billion apps on the Google play store, finding decent apps made for Nigerians can be sometimes difficult.
In this article I will be reviewing some of the top ten Nigerian apps on the Google playstore.

10. Jobberman

Top 10 Most Popular Nigerian Apps on Google Playstore
With over 500 thousand downloads, Jobberman is unarguably the biggest Nigerian job app on Google playstore. Jobberman app list the latest jobs available in Nigeria.
This app has great feature such as latest jobs, specialization, career advice, search jobs. This app is well used by numerous recruiters all over the country.
What makes this app unique is that it synchronizes well with your profile in the web portal giving it a sleek experience.

9. IrokoTV app

Top 10 Most Popular Nigerian Apps on Google Playstore
Iroko is the biggest collection of Nollyhood movies and series in the world. This large collection has led to the massive downloads of its app. Its installation is quick, with just one tap.
If you have opened your account on irokotv.com you can just link to it and start downloading movies on the go. For new users you can download up to five movies while subscribers can download as many movies as they wish.
One take away from this app is that it allows you to download the movies once and watch anytime without the need for data. Great app.

8. Naij app

10 Most Popular Nigerian Apps on Google Playstore
Naij is the biggest Nigeria news portal, its habit of offering its teeming readers fresh and exciting news from all over the country has made it a must have for many Nigerians.
What makes this app really worth installing are its great features. For example it design is quite simple which allows for easy swiping and scrolling, fast loading time and it offers the ability to read pre-loaded news offline hence helping to save data.
With the Naij app you are sure to stay current with the latest happening in the world of fashion, politics, sports, education, entertainment and many more in Nigeria.

7. ChannelsTV App

10 Most Popular Nigerian Apps on Google Playstore
Channels TV has a reputation for been the best TV station for eight years straight in Nigeria, this has really helped to boost its downloads on the Google play store with over 100 hundred thousand users.
Some of its features include headlines, local, top stories, livetv, iwitness. The app also allows its users to read news offline.
It also has a good share functionality that allows you to easily share stories and news on your social media channels.

6. Nigerian Constitution

10 Most Popular Nigerian Apps on Google Playstore
Nigerian constitution is a very resource rich app that provides Nigerians with the Nigerian constitution on their mobile phones.
It helps to solve the ignorance of the Nigerian constitution by many Nigerians. It features include constitution, discuss, about and search function.
This app is up-to-date and it covers all areas of the constitution from general provisions, fundamental objectives to fundamental rights.
A lot of Nigerians would find this app quite indispensable if they want to be knowledgeable about the rights they possess as a citizen.

5. Pidgin Bible

10 Most Popular Nigerian Apps on Google Playstore
One amazing feature of this app is its audio which makes it very easy for people who can’t interpret written pidgin.
Pidgin is the most spoken form of communication in Nigeria and many part of Africa hence a bible made from pidgin will definitely be a hit.
The pidgin bible has Cameroon Pidgin Bible, Ghana Pidgin Bible, Papua New Guinea Tok Pisin Pidgin Bible and many other forms of pidgin.
The pidgin bible has feature for bookmarking, sharing and downloading and not forgetting it is absolutely free.

4. Gtbank App

10 Most Popular Nigerian Apps on Google Playstore
Gtbank is one of Nigerians biggest banks with over five millions account holders and growing. This huge user base has led to massive downloads of it mobile app on google playstore.
Gtbank mobile app provide a sleek experience for your mobile banking with high end security. With the app you can manage your account and review your transactions from time to time.
You can easily transfer money to any account holder without fear. You can also receive and stop cheques. It also has good customer support.

3. Iroking

10 Most Popular Nigerian Apps on Google Playstore
From the stables of Iroko partners Ltd comes it music app; Iroking for the listening pleasure of Africans. It offers all Nigerian music on one tab. From Psquare, Dbanj, Olamide to Wizkid, Nigerian music just got interesting.
You can browse through thousands of tracks, download your favorite music, watch music videos, share the tracks and videos and also watch the tracks and videos offline.
It has new releases, features, weekly top and downloaded videos. There is also a search function to make finding music easy.

2. Howfar

10 Most Popular Nigerian Apps on Google Playstore
This is a free Nigeria app for messaging. It allows Nigerians to connect, chat and have fun on the go. With Howfar app you can meet new friends by searching nearby.
You can broadcast yourself by telling users what you are doing. Howfar app is free and easy to use. It uses your phone number as login so no need to remember password.
You can also receive your messages when offline so you don’t have to miss anything. It synchronizes easily with your address book taking off the stress of trying to get your friends on the app.

1. Konga

10 Most Popular Nigerian Apps on Google Playstore
Konga is one of the biggest eCommerce companies in Nigeria with millions on goods been sold online via its web portal.
Konga also has a mobile app that is been downloaded by many online shoppers. It parades products from different categories from electronics, books, baby products to health and beauty products, Konga mobile app provides the best shopping experience.
It is also safe and secure for making payments.
These are some of the top ten Nigerian apps on Google play store. Do you have an app on Google playstore and you think it worth been on our list, you can let us know in your comments below.
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