How To Make Legit Money Through Blogging

In this post, I will show you how to start blogging business in Nigeria and make money online. Here you will find what blogging is all bout, tools you will need as well as what to do to be successful. Happy reading.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is an art of publishing helpful contents (articles) online. It was earlier called personal online journal. Recently, blogging have turned to a very lucrative business by making much money for bloggers.
In blogging, you simply write and publish helpful articles on the web blog and other people will read it if those articles are useful. A typical example is this blog you are reading.  This blog is currently make over N100k from advertising only.

Why should you start blogging?

You might have heard some bloggers claiming that there is money in blogging. Those claims are very true. Blogging is one of the surest ways to make money online here in Nigeria and anywhere in the world.
And there are many ways you can make money from blogging. These are (but not limited to);
  1. Advertising: many bloggers make serious money when people or organisations/companies advertise on their blog. Major source of advertising income are Google AdSense and other online stores.
  2. Affiliate marketing: Many bloggers make money when they refer someone to buy a product or services. This is called affiliate marketing. A typical example is Konga or Jumia affiliate. Signup for Konga Affiliate here
  3. Product Sales: As a blogger, you can sale products in any format (digital/physical) to your blog readers and make money.
  4. Services: Many bloggers provide custom premium services to their blog readers and earn money.
  5. Membership: If you share exclusive content, you can decide to make money with it from paid membership.

Things you need to start blogging

You need few things to start blogging unlike many other business that requires large capital. Here are the few things you will need.
  1. A good writing skills: Don’t be scared about writing. If you know how to put words together, then you are good to go. If you don’t know how to write, you cal always pay freelance writers to write for you.
  2. Personal Computer(laptop): Blogging is done on the internet. So you will need a computer. I recommenced you buy cheap laptop from here from Konga and pay on delivery.
  3. Moded/Smartphone: For internet services you need to have a modem. Buy Modem here. Like myself, I am currently using Gionee Elife S Plus >> Buy it here. I connect the internet using hotpot. The browsing speed is super-fast.
  4. Internet Service: It’s very good now that the price of data is cheaper  than before. You can use MTN, Airtel, Glo or Etisalat data bundles to browse. Check the latest data bundles from various service providers and how to subscribe here.
  5. Power Source: You will need a power source like NEPA or generator. 
  6. Blogging software: I recommend WordPress, it’s free and easy to use.

Steps to start blogging in Nigeria

Once you have all these things, you are ready to start blogging. See the next step…
  1. Choose a profitable blogging niche (topic): You have to be careful in doing this. You blogging topic is called niche. Make sure that the niche is profitable. 
  2. Create your blog using WordPress: After reconciling the niche you want to blog on, the next thing is to create your blog. 
  3.  Start Blogging: After creating your blog, do major customization and start blogging. Add few pages like “About”, “Privacy Policy” and “Contact.” Publish helpful articles on topics relating to your blogging niche.

How to Make Money from Blogging in Nigeria

Your ability to make money from your blog depends on the number of visitors to your blog (i.e, blog traffic). So, keep writing and promote your blog on social media. Invite people to read your blogs. Initially, you can make money from Google AdSense and affiliate marketing while you strategize other ways to monetize it.

This is how to start blogging business in Nigeria and in anywhere in the world. Is this article helpful? If yes, let me hear from you in the comments section below. Success!
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