Coince Investment is Refunding it Investors

Coince Investment is refunding all it investors of initial deposit only.

Coince Investment is Refunding it Investors

This is a good news to all coince investors that think there where scam. This has being confirm when their official Facebook page was shut down and subsequently they stop paying their investors.

Many fraudster use this opporunity to scam even more investors by impersonating coince and asking investors to send more money to withdraw their initial deposit and dividend.

But coince has open up through their new facebook page @ CoinceSupports and promise to refund investors of their initial dividend minus their profit.

This is how the refund will be.

Welcome to the Coince Support Page
We thank you for your patience
We are going to mention some important things before we start our offers
* The NSIP will be processed manually and in 3 - 5 weeks it will be programmed on the website.
* In the next 1 - 2 months we will work with users who applied for the NSIP only. that means all accounts that were refunded can't apply for the NSIP.
* The New created accounts can't apply for the NSIP too.* After receiving the Refund everything in your account will be reset to 0.Everyone of you have a choice now
1- If you want to continue with Coince then you just need to apply for the NSIP.
How to apply for the NSIP?
# To apply for the NSIP now you have to send us the message "I Confirm"
# before you send us this message You have to be ready to make a new deposit between 150$ and 1500$ in your account
# when your request for the NSIP is confirmed you'll receive your pending withdrawal within 12 hours and you can withdraw every 48 hours
# 200 Request for the NSIP will be processed daily
# The NSIP will be programmed in the website in 3 - 5 Weeks
2- If you can't afford it to apply for the NSIP or if you want to quit the trip with us then you have to ask for a Refund
How to ask for a refund ?
# Send us a private message that says "Refund" then send the combination of your username and email adress
# We refund you what you invested from your own money only without any profit
# The programmers will subtract the total withdrawal from your capital
# 50 refund request will be accepted daily
# Only the combination of the correct account id and email adress can confirm your refund request.
Please do not share this combination in a comment
# The Refund Offer will start in exactly 24 hours
They also open a new Investment call New Safe Investment Plan more detail on that here . Were if you ask me, it is better to get your money that expecting everything (profit).

Please investor that have being refund should please this his testimony here...

Refund start by 8pm UK times. 

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  1. I paid and I never got anything back, nothing happened except they turned off the chat messenger, after I showed the proof that they wanted.


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