Seven Income Generation Ideas For Students

As a student, you would need a constant means of income. Especially if you are the one that cater for yourself in school. There is not so much time to go big scale in order to obtain money and with the means available, it may be hard to decide what business you should get into to obtain cash rather than grovelling at the feet of people you would rather not.
Seven Income Generation Ideas For Students
As a serious student, one would not just have the time to go into agriculture or any business that brings money but takes time. I have put together a list of ideas that can be used for income generation while schooling:
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1. Tutoring

Money can be made by teaching primary and secondary school students as a home tutor. You can teach subject that you are good at and it would be better to choose subjects that are easily sought after such as mathematics.
Paid tutorials can also be organized for course mates or lower level colleagues but to be successful with this, affiliate yourself with already established tutors and also be smart and market yourself.

2. Freelance Writing

Internet access has made finding writing jobs easy. You can apply to various websites or blogs that accept the services of a freelance writer for web content. 
There are also websites where you can meet people in need of these services like and
All that is needed is a computer or a phone with word software and Internet access. Write on topics that you are passionate about in your free time. You can be paid directly to your bank account or through international methods like skrill, payoneer and perfectmoney.

3. Academic Research

Money can also be made through academic research works. There is no University in Nigeria today where you would not see at least one student willing to pay for the services of a writer/researcher for their undergraduate project.
You can earn about #30,000 more or less with one project work. There is also the issue of assignments which some students pay other students to write for them.
All you need is a smart and intelligent mind as well as your previous work to sell yourself.

4. Selling

There is always a need for a mini commercial Centre mostly in school hostels. Look around and find items that are consumed in large quantity and are of high demand.
Things like provisions, packaged food stuffs and recharge cards. The beauty of this business is that you do not need to have a shop or be physically present at all times, if you have trustworthy roommates, it would work.

5. School Authorities

Some universities in Nigeria have avenues that create platforms for income generation for the students.
In the University of Benin for example, there is a program known as work study that students can apply for and when accepted.
They have to work for three hours in three separate days each week in designated departments in the school. They are paid between #10,000 – #15,000 monthly. Find out if such programs are available in your institution and apply.

6. Skills

The idea of using one’s skills to make money can never be overemphasized. If you can design websites, video coverage, graphics design, make/cut hair, sew clothes, repair shoes, whatever it is.
No skill is useless. In your spare time, use that skill to generate cash. It can even be knowledge in physical fitness which can be used to become a part-time physical fitness instructor in gyms around.
If you do not have any skills yet, it is never too late, during holidays or weekends, apply for those classes and brush up yourself because they would not only be useful now but also after you graduate.

7. Blogging

This is the part i venture into mainly. As a student, it would be hard and could also be stressful to make use of this avenue for income generation because it requires the input of a lot of time and hard dedication which is not a luxury for most serious Nigerian students, nevertheless it cannot be completely ruled out.

Unlike the other ideas above, ‘quick’ cash cannot be gotten through this means but perseverance is key.

If you have more ideas not written above in terms of income generation or you have contributions consigning them, do well to place them in the comment section.
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