7 Legit Business Students Can Do to Survive In Campus

This post unveil 7 Legit Business Student can do in campus to survive. 

Overtime students complain of no money to buy what they need in school. We are aware that is not all students in an institution that are being caretaker for by parents,guidances or government through scholarships. Most students fail to comprehend this fact that there are some business they can do in school that can ease them of financial stress both to them and their guidance. To this note, this post will unveil 7 Legit Business Students Can Do to Survive In Campus, that will not affect their studies in any way.

1. Blogging

Yes, are you surpise! Blogging has become one major business students use to train theirself why in school. With the introduction of advert publisher, like google adsense,viglink and many others, blogging has become one business students should venture into, because it pays. Beside getting paid by advert publisher when you place their code on your blog, you can get personal advert from business firm around when your blog becomes popular. Though you need to have passion,dedication and be positive about your blog, before this can come through. You can even use it as an extra income making tools even after graduating from school. If you consider starting your own blog, I will advice you check;

2. Photography

Segun a friend of is into this kind of business. Trust me when I say his making money BIG time from this business. You too can venture into if you can afford to buy your own Still Camera or you rent from rentals around your location. Fashion wares drive most of our campus, both guys and girls what to always look good in campus. As a photographer this persons are you friends already, a week will not pass for you to meet this persons. Beside this, you can make huge profit during events like matriculations,birthdays parties and general event in school. You get full recommendations especially when you know your onions in what you do.

3. Making of Shoes

This also another way students make money while in campus. A pams scandal can cost 1500 and even more if made well. Imagine you get 100 students coming to patronize you on a monthly scale per semester. You Head is a big as mine now. But it require you to have learn it very well and know that trend in foot wares, because buys smart and trending wares.

4. Dry Cleaning

This can of business can be stressful at times, you need to try to manage your time with school works and make sure it not interfering. Yes, when you clean and wash other students clothing in campus you get paid. The charges is solely depend on you. But I will recommend renting a small shop for this business.

5. Hair Making

This kind of business is to my female peeps, though some guys make hair too. With little or no capital at all you can start this business. You can rent a small shop or inform you friends that you can make their hair for them. Remember not to over charge them ,your target should be the number of persons that friend will recommend you to. With time you will notice you have made money big enough to get you a place in the campus and foot your bids in school.

6. Graphic Design

This one way I make money in school. If affiliate myself with different association in campus just to get their contracts of doing their design. You need to be converse with designing tools, and be creative in what you design. Your clients always need your next work to be unique and different from the other. I will recommend you start learning how to use this designing software; core draw, photo-shop etc., before venturing to this line of business. 

7. Video Coverage

Another seasonal business you can do while in school to make money. I called it seasonal because it not all the time you get business contracts in campus. Your days of work are always weekend and only when there are events in school to coverage. The beauty part of this business is that, one job can put huge money inside your pocket. But I will advice you do not over charge your client so has not to push them away for the next job.

I believe there are many others businesses in school students can venture into without affecting their studies.   

Please use the comment box to mention them, and remember to share this with friends.
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