How to Boost your Facebook Organic Reach

Are you finding it hard to reach your audience on Facebook? Organic reach has become hard to achieve and Facebook marketers are looking for creative ways to get their message seen.

About Facebook organic reach

Organic reach is the number of people who see your content without paid distribution. On the other hand, paid reach includes the people who see your content because of paid promotions.

Statistics show that organic reach fell by 52% in 2016.

Two major reasons why there is a decrease in organic reach

There are tonnes and tonnes of content being generated every day. There are more than 30 billion pieces of content published every month on Facebook.Facebook new algorithm provides user content or news feed based on individual tailored interest.

Strategies to boost your Facebook organic reach

Build your presence and authority

Growing your presence is not about increasing your page likes. The number of likes on your Facebook page has has no indication of how well your content will perform. What happens is that you build enough authority to build an audience that interacts more with your content.

You can ensure this by attracting the right kind of people to your Facebook page. Random fans are useless because they won’t engage with you.

Publish evergreen content

Whether your goal is to generate revenue or create awareness, providing fresh content to your target audience is a powerful tool at your disposal. The life of a post in Facebook news is dependent on recent events. If you publish timeless content, your target audience will interact with your post for longer periods.

Curate other people’s evergreen content

Content curation does not mean taking other people’s work and making it your own but sharing engaging content from other networks to your own.

Use organic post targeting

You can also target your organic post to make sure that you reach the right people. You can target your post to your relevant customers based on their gender, age, location or even interest.

Test your posting frequency

Studies show engagement drops when you post too often. The rule of thumb is to keep it between 1-3 posts/day.

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