How to Start Blogging-A Complete Guide to Blogging

Blogging is one of the most fulfilling ways of earning money while also sharing what you know with the world. However, it's a huge leap to take from idea to earning money. To help you get started in the world of blogging, I have put together this guide to show you exactly everything you need to know about blogging.

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How to Start 

The great thing about blogging, however, is that the possibilities are endless, and it is possible to earn a comfortable full-time living on blogging,see Naijaloaded ,bellanaija among many others —if you know how to engage your audience and utilize the tools available to you. Interested in blogging but not sure where to start? follow me with undivided attention here even as I explain.
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How to Start Blogging-A Complete Guide to Blogging

What your Niche?

First thing first, what is a NICHE-it a full pack of content you are able to post about to your audience(in my own words), See how wikipedia put it-- A niche is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused.

Now the market here is the place where that particular type of content  you want to share will market most. If you look closing on Ababioblog you we notice we focus on sharing blogging,business and tech post, Blogging ,business and tech are my Niche in the market of blogging.

Hope you got the gist- to choose your i will advice
  • That you follow your follow your passion, knowing the best kind of niche you can easily talk about to others
  • Find a Niche that you truly love about.

Also See: 50 Types of Bloggers and Their Ideas

Set up Your Blog CMS

After knowing the right niche for your blog,next is to set up your blog with Content Management System-CMS simply refers to an application that allows bloggers (and other digital content producers, such as website owners) to easily create websites without the need to be able to code from scratch. Example is the platform an currently using BLOGGER. Others include
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • CPanel
  • Wordpress

Start Blogging

Now that you have a better idea as to how CMS works and look like, it's time to start with your first blog posts. This is where you start thinking on  catchy way to get your audience read your blog by giving a nice title to your post. It should be catchy and inviting too. The point below explain it all how you should go about it.
  • Write Engaging Title: to get potential readers to click on your title, it advice to use eye-catching post title and encourages the viewer to click and read more link. A dull blog title can cause people to scroll right past your blog link, even if the content itself is fantastic. 

  • Write Friendly: Just as your title is vital, your introduction paragraph is also super important in getting people to continue reading. I will urge you write not to impress your reader but to past information in a better way. Readers should be able to easily skim through your blog post and get the gist of your ideas without necessarily reading it word-for-word. 

  • Develop Per Time: Please note that your first post meant not be the kind of post you want to be popular and well explain. Learn that blogging is a journey- and you learn as you grow.

  • Images and Media Corporation: Always use pictures and videos where necessary in passing an information or communicating to your audience.

Monetize your Blog

Okay, so now you've got a better handle on how to create your blog and publish new posts, but how do you go about actually making money off your blog? The key is to optimize your blog posts for the search engines (thus making them more easily discoverable by your prospective reader base) and taking the right steps to monetize your site as a whole. Let's start with a basic explanation of SEO and how it can impact your blog's performance. For a guide on how to monetize your blog using the right SEO

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Content Marketing

After monetizing your blog, what next is how to make your content reach the larger community. This bring me to the point of content marketing. CM is simply sharing your blog post on a social media,forum etc. But be careful not to Spam. I recommend creating a brand name for your blog on any of the social media and encourage people to like your page.

VERY IMPORTANT!: Content is key, ways share what you feel your audience will enjoy that you can easily share about. Do not bore them with unnecessary post that they do not need base on your niche.
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