The WhatsApp text-based Status update Will Boost Blog Traffic

Many of us have been judiciously enjoying the Status feature on WhatsApp. It is agreeably a big time addition as it brought more expression and wealth of communicating to WhatsApp. That is just the beginning as it seems, WhatsApp is adding more.

With the text based feature WhatsApp has admirably rolled in updates to this Status feature. With this new feature in place, users will be able to simply post post text-based updates for the viewing of their WhatsApp audience. So with this new feature, you don’t necessarily have to put in a video or photo on your status. You can simply insert a text in your status. You can also simply put in a URL. You can readily customize the font color or the background.

Bloggers can simply link their followers via url  on their status. 

If you remember the first status we had was strictly text based that would fall under the names of your contacts. But you know Facebook has been taking a bunch of lessons from Snapchat and chose to bring in Status into WhatsApp collection in the resemblance of Snapchat Stories. Not too bad though. This new update to status reinvents the normal text format we had before. And in same vein with Status stories, you can opt the people who can view your text status as well as those who can have view of your message by so increasing traffic to your blog. 

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