How to Retrieve Format SD Card Content (DIY)

This post show how you can retrieve format SD Card Content

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It can be frustrating when you discover your card has been damaged and your device is requesting for formating to get it back to normal. But loosing your content can be more worrisome, especially when it has to do with your business document. 

In this Post you do not need to worry about those lost content again, there is a way of getting back your content 100% back.

Follow me, to get your content back you need to use Card Recovery software

Card Recovery is a software that retrieve lost content from flash drive and especially SD card. It a software build be Cyclone; a resounding software developer. This software is free from any malware or virus.

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This software  retrieve files like; Photo,Video (of all formats) and Audio (of all formats)

With wasting time let go straight to the process.

How to

After installation.

Select the drive you want to retrieve the lost files from

Choose what type of content you want to recover from the SD/Flash Drive

Then click on next. The progress will start

Once you have those lost document/files recover, check on your system directory Document 
>> CardRecovery> (Recover Document Folder)

Download Card Recovery Here (With Crack)

Hopefully your content will be restored.

Over to you , is there another alternative and best way of recovery your content, please use the comment box below.
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