TINE INVESTMENT :What Investors Should Know About The Recent Development

This post explain the recent update on Tine Investment Website and what investors should know about.

So many investors under this body are confuse over the lengthen article post on their website. Some investors took it to the social media to say the system has finally crash just like every other Ponzi scheme system.

Here at Ababioblog we will try to do justice by explaining what the article being published on their page mean and the way forward.

Following our findings on the investment by investors, it could be told that Tineinvestments shut down old platform on their website site which promise a huge profit of over 120% of investment, and promise to start payment first week of October 2017, this was done as a result of the Economy situation in Nigeria. The company to protect its face, shut down the old platform and quickly spine into another platform that is less profitable, just to attract more investors to the system with low dividend.

At this time of this post, we are not aware if the company still pay the newly launch platform with promise of 75% interest. Our aim is to explain what recent article published on their website mean.

A legal practitioner who I gave the link to the article said that Tineinvestments investors money has being turn to Shares. According to him, the company took a right decision after the monstrous act by the SEC, and other financial regulating bodies. He further advice that investors should kindly get their evidence of the shares and wait when the company will finally declare their profits.

When the company will declare their profit is not stipulated yet on their website, but I learnt that it will be at the end of the year. That's when investors will know if they are to continue with them or not.

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  1. They should pay the investors their capital back. No need for long grammar. Some of the investors are old village that cannot understand all the big grammer

    1. Tine knew they had issues yet they kept doing promo for people to invest in Tine. Now some of them at the head office that deceived people to invest have switched of their phones.That is not fraud. Why didn't they keep their phones open if they are genuine. The old women in the village that invested all their money don't want shares. They want their capital back period.

  2. Hello Victoria
    I feel you pain as an investors. According to one of their agent the issues they took was for the betterment for it investors. Probably once they declare their profit you will get your dividend in Shares

  3. Shares or profit its still d hide and seek games b4 now they say October 2 they start paying meanwhile they knw they will not b able to pay deceiving investors n wasting our tym,as for me I av move on cos waiting 4 tine is like putting a square peg in a round hole.

    1. Hello Samuel Adoyi
      I will advice you call their customer care about it.. This development can be beneficial

  4. What I want is my capital back and the capital of the poor women I introduced to Tine. Those people do not allow me to sleep. They have been crying that I deceived them. One of their management staff that I called before doing my last investment of 300,000 naira in their new platform has switched off his phone since that time. Those people are fraud. They had problems with SEC and yet they kept telling people to invest. If they are genuine why did they deactivate their Facebook page. Why did they switch of their lines? It will never be well with that man that owns Tine investment. He is fraud.The cries of the poor women will never be in vain.


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