How to Backup Your Contact On any Android Phone

That phone you love so much will eventually come to the end of its life. You may move from Samsung Galaxy S2 to a Note 3, an S4 to S5, Tecno device to Infinix phone  or there may be a jump from an HTC One to a Sony Xperia Z3. When you do decide to invest in a new handset, there’s more than one way to take your list of contacts with you.

This post How to Backup Your Contact On any Android Phone will guide you through the process of backing up your contact on any android device.

If you are moving to a new phone, you probably want to make sure that you have all of your contacts moved across to your new handset. But even if you are not planning an upgrade it makes sense to have backup of your contacts in case anything goes wrong, you accidentally delete some contacts, or lose your phone


Export from Contacts

Android’s own Contact app could be all you need to move your address book from one phone to another. Launch the app, tap the menu button and then select the Import/Export option.

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You then have a few options to choose from – Export to USB storage, Export to SIM card, and (if you have an SD card inserted) Export to SD card. Click OK and your contacts will be exported to the destination you specified.
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Once the export is complete, you can then transfer the VCF file to another phone by email it to yourself, or using your SD card. This done, you can then select the Import/Export option from the settings menu, and choose where you would like to Import contacts from. You’ll also need to specify which Google account the contacts should be imported to, or if you would rather import to the device itself.
You could also opt to import your backed up contacts to your Gmail account using your computer. Just copy the VCF file to your computer and use Gmail’s Import option to transfer the contacts across.
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