How to Pay Bills [Gotv] Using Zoto App

Bill Payments is live on Zoto! For Cable TV, Prepaid Meter and Data subscriptions. Welcome to the benefits of doing what you need without having to go anywhere else.
Paying of bills in Nigeria has become not just easy but also rewarding too. This fascinating rewarding app called Zoto give you the opportunity of getting your bill money back when you use it in paying your bills.

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I recently use my Zoto App to pay for my Gotv Subscription, and guess what, it was pretty fast than any other gateway payment I have use. Clear fully follow the lay down procedures I did in paying my Gotv bill

How to Pay Bill on Zoto APP

  1. Click on the “Bill Pay” tab
  2. From the options available Choose “Cable TV”
  3. Select your Cable TV provider- in this case Gotv
  4. Add your gotv IUC number & Choose a plan
  5. Proceed to complete your payment. 
Watch the video below to guide you.

    If you run into any issues While you pay your bills on Zoto, don’t forget, you can call them free on 0800-069-9686 or chat with them directly  on the app. Alternatively, you can send us an email to care [at]

    Remember you can also use this app to pay other bills too.

    Over to you, what do you think about this app?

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