Barbing Salon Business in Nigeria : How to Start

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Starting a barbing salon business will be a very good idea as this is a business that has the potential of making some good profit especially when time is taken to properly plan the business as well as manage the business very well.

Most people tend to overlook this business as a good venture to go into and invest in probably as they do not realize how profitable it can be especially in the long run.

Also people may not realize how good the business is as they are scared of the perceived huge investment they will have to make and therefore avoid doing it.
The good thing of this business is that it can be started small with the little amount of capital you have but as with like any other business it may take you time to grow the business to the big appreciable level you desire but with patience and dedication you will get to that level but in the mean time you will still have the opportunity to make some good income while you grow.
This is a business that is mostly dominated by men though we do have some women who are into the business as well.

This is a business that is good for people that are seeking to be self employed and in search of a skill that they can learn to bring in some income for them.
Also for those searching and looking for jobs or people who have lost their jobs and are fortunate to have some savings, they can go into this business. Read on…

Why This Business is Good

#1. Almost Everybody Needs your Services  

This is a business needed by almost every one. This a business mostly patronized by men as they are the ones that need a hair cut and therefore have to go to a barbing salon to do this.
These days we also have women who also barb their hair especially when they are not making or fixing their hair. There are women who keep low cuts or prefer some cut styles which makes them patronize barbing salons.

Basically there is a lot of demand for barbers as people have to cut their hair and as we can see it involves every one including men, women and children.

#2. People Always want to Look Good

A good hair cut makes a person look nice and presentable. There are people that try to give themselves a haircut or a good shave especially if they do not have the time to go to the barbing salon but at the end of the day they prefer to go to the salon to get that “professional touch”.

What You Need to Start This Business  


#1. Get the Needed Training & Skills

There are people that feel barbing is not difficult to do but you will still need to properly learn how to barb so that you can keep and maintain your customers.

Barbing requires some measure of skill and care and this has to be learnt. Remember you are dealing with people and their hair as well as their looks, so it is important to treat and make them look good so that they will keep coming back.

#2. Find a Suitable Location

There are people that believe that location for this type of business does not really matter provided that you get and rent a shop in a place that is busy with a lot of people around.
The important thing is that you should get a shop that is big with a lot of space available to accommodate a lot of customers and make sure the place is comfortable and decent.
For those wondering how they can start small if they have to spend a lot of money renting a shop they do not need to get worried about this.

As said earlier you can rent a shop any where provided it has enough space and this does not have to be in an expensive area. Also you need a lot of space so that if you have customers waiting for their turn they will have a place to wait and be comfortable.
Having a big space does not mean you to have to buy all the equipment to fill it up as you can start with the basic and smaller equipment needed.

#3. Buy the Needed Equipment

The following equipment will be needed to run the business successfully, they include

CLIPPERS: This should be of high quality so as not to cause harm to you or your customers

STERILIZING UNIT: This is needed to sterilize the clippers when they have been used, there are some customers that have some injuries on their head and can pass on an infection to other customers. The sterilizing unit will help to prevent this.

STERILIZING AGENTS: This can be used in the place of a sterilizing unit if it is not available and can include some gels or creams used for this purpose.


GENERATOR: Considering the poor power situation in the country it will be a good idea to get a good generator when there is no light.

What you Need to Succeed

This is a good business to do as it can bring a lot of profit. Before starting ensure you register the business as well as meet the requirements of the authorities.
A key requirement for this business is to have a good customer service especially when you employ more hands into the business.

This is important as you will meet different people everyday and you need to treat them well to make them keep coming back.
This might be a nice business to start! So, give it a try.
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