How to Activate the Diamond Debit Card for Online Transaction

How to Activate the Diamond Debit Card, Online Transaction

The Diamond Debit Card is issued to individual and joint account holders who run Savings or Current accounts. There are three types of Debit Card including Naira Debit Card, USD Debit Card and GBP Debit Card.

What is Naira Debit Card, and how to activate it?

Naira Debit Card is a naira denominated card connected directly to a Current or Savings account. It offers you 24 hours to access the funds in your account. You can use it to pay for goods and services across all channels such as ATM, POS and WEB. It is also designed to suit every way of life.

USD and GBP Debit Card (FCY Cards)
The USD and GBP Debit Card is a foreign currency denominated card that is connected to your domiciliary account. It is a global card that can be used anywhere around the world, and it is accepted across all channels such as ATM, POS and WEB.

Features and Benefits

These include:
  •  24 hours access to funds
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Secure and convenient means of payment
  • 3 years Validity
  • Discount offers at certain merchant locations (Naira Debit Cards)
You have the ability to request the increase of POS/WEB spend limit of the USD and GBP debit card.

How to Subscribe
  1. Open a Savings or Current account with Diamond Bank to get your Debit card
  2. If you already have an existing Savings or Current account with Diamond Bank, just visit any of their branches and ask for a Debit Card.
How to Activate Your Card
  1. To activate your card, just visit any Diamond Bank nearest branch to generate a PIN on their POS machine.
  2. You can always use your card on the ATM, POS and WEB once it has been activated.
  3. You also need to generate an iPIN – a four-digit number that serves as a second level authentication for all your online transactions — on any Diamond Bank ATM to enable you perform online transactions.
Security and Safety of Your Card
You should keep some details of your card personal such as Card Number, Card iPIN, iPIN, CVV2 and Expiry date. You should not disclose them to anyone not even your closest friend. (CVV2 is the three digits behind your card).
Also keep your Diamond ATM Card away from magnet or magnetic materials, radio equipment, mobile phones, heat and any device that discharges electromagnetic waves including stereo.
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