Korean Firm Develops Self-Healing Material That Restores Cracks on Smartphones

This isn’t the first time we’re hearing of a self-healing material for smartphones. Late last year, a team of Scientist at University of California Riverside invented a phone screen material that can heal itself.
Prior to this, if you drop your phone and the screen shatters, you usually have two options: Get it repaired or replace the phone entirely. But with this latest discovery, it shattered your two options and present you with a third option…self-heal itself.

Phone screen scratches without solution may soon be a thing of the past as a team of Korean researchers have developed a new self-healing material called “Elastomer,” which can restore dents and cracks within 30 minutes. Elastomer is high molecular substance that is able to stretch and shrink.
During the cause of this research, the new material was able to recover 80% of its tensile strength in just two hours during a test that carried out cutting and rejoining. After six hours of the test, it even showed tensile strength that was able to lift a 5kg dumbbell.

The team also disclosed that the new material can be used as a protective layer on mobile devices and it automatically restore any outside cracks within 30 minutes. No matter the degree of scratches on the screen of your device, it wills self-heal itself.
However, the use of self-healing materials for smartphone screen maybe a long term project before it comes to reality.
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