Police Officers in China Now Wear Smart Glasses With Facial Recognition Technology

Technology is really advancing in several parts of the world, for the possibility of finding a perpetrator using face reg., to the era of using the same facial recognition software to find out potential suspects and criminals. Chinese police have found a unique way to identify potential criminals and fight crime while at it.
Police in Zhengzhou, the provincial capital of Henan Province located in east-central China, introduced high-tech facial-recognition sunglasses to arrest offenders in the province’s railway station, according to the Communist Party’s official newspaper People’s Daily. The glasses are so light that the police officers can wear them all day - Liu Tianyi, at LLVision, the firm that developed the GLXSS Pro smart glasses, says.

The hi-tech facial recognition sunglasses wore by the Chinese police to nab suspects are currently being used by four officers patrolling a crowded train station in Zhengzhou, Henan province during Chinese New Year, the busiest time for the country’s transport system. More than 389 million train trips are likely to be made between the peak period of February 1 and March 12, which is when people return home for holidays.

To enable the police officers to take pictures of suspects, the glasses have a small camera attached to a smartphone and then the perp's image is run in the police database instantly for feedback. The database will in real-time provide the police officer with the suspect's personal details, which includes name, ethnicity, gender, address and criminal records etc.
All these information would be transferred back to the officer’s glasses and also informs officers whether the suspect of the location of the suspect like home or hotel address where they are staying and even their recent Internet history.
“The glasses — which resemble Google Glass — are connected to a police database that can match passengers with criminal suspects,” “The facial information captured by the glasses will be sent back to a database for comparison with the information of suspects on the wanted list,” said a report in the People’s Daily online.
Reports are already coming in that the men and women in uniform at the Zhengzhou East Railway Station have already nabbed 33 suspects, of which 7 are accused of human trafficking and hit and runs, while 26 are accused of using fake IDs.
Of course, there will always be this question of public safety vs privacy, that being said, it is worth mentioning that these programs have already drawn some serious criticism by human-rights groups and privacy advocates, who believe that the implementation of this GLXSS Pro hi-technology smart glasses invades on people’s right to privacy. However, the Chinese government thinks they can achieve ‘social stability’ by placing people under a microscope, Specs and Makeups.
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