Downvote: Facebook Rolling it on Comments Now

Facebook is Rolling it Downvote Features on Comment 
Downvote: Facebook Rolling it on Comments Now
 What is down-vote? Simply means a dislike button features attached to comment section.
Unlike before where one will see a burial or disheartening post or article and you just want to tell the writer is bad, via expression of the like and dislike features. Now Facbook Downvote has been roll out.

Facebook downvote lets you give negative reaction to comments just in form of a dislike button. Though it is not the dislike button that we have been long waiting for.

Unlike Reddit downvote, Facebook Downvote will hide the comment for a user who downvotes a comment and then ask the user to rate the comment whether it is “offensive”, “misleading”, or “off topic”.

Facebook has recently promised to roll out this feature sometime in February 2018 but was only available to about 5% of Android users who have English set as their default language in the app. According to source, the feature has been be extended to more users.

Facebook has made it clear that this feature isn't a dislike button. The social media giant also went further to say that they are using this feature to wipe out what they call bad comments, comments that has bad intentions or disrespectful.

At the moment, this feature isn’t rolling out to every user from the comments so far on twitter but majority of the people who are based in Australia and Zealand already have access to the upvote and downvote features on Facebook.

It's quite unfortunate that we won't be getting the actual dislike button that we have been waiting for. Be that as it may, let's wait for this downvote feature to extend to other countries.
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