How to Download Whatsapp Timeline Videos/Photos

Some Whatsapp videos and photos some time is worthy sharing to others, after watching it countless time and yet you still do not want to let go of them. Some times we go ahead to beg our friends whose Whatsapp timeline have the photo/video display on to share with us. No need for that any more. This post will show you How to Download Whatsapp Timeline Videos and Photos even without your friends consent.
How to Download Whatsapp Timeline Videos/Photos

Step 1: After watching the video or photo on your friend whatsapp timeline.

Step 2: Go to your mobile "File Manager",  and make sure "show hidden files" is turn on.

Step 3: Locate your whatsapp folder , then to Media, then ".Statues" locate the video or photo you have view from your friends timeline. 

From that point you can share, re-save in another folder.

So easy right?
Leave us a comments if there is another way you can view this hidden whatsapp. 
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