Tech Startup: Makurdi GDG Set to Discuss Google Cloud Next 18

Are you in the city of Makurdi? A developer, tetchy or an inspire computer programmer? This post is for you.

Last week all round the globe Google cloud Next 18 was the talk of the day. Google Cloud Next’ 18 turned out to be the event of the month for global marketing teams. The tech giants from all over the world thronged to San Francisco last week to celebrate their dependence and collaboration with Google.

The Makurdi GDG is set to talk about this Google Cloud NEXT 18.

What is Google Cloud Next 18 All About???

Google Cloud Next 18, is another computing experience on Artificial Intelligence with deep and machine learning techniques. It a secure platform where you can easily access your files round the globe without necessary carry them about.

To gain access into using Cloud Next 18 by Google you need to be paid for the services. But Makurdi GDG is will be teaching you and giving you a free access of cloud data storage for a year.

The Makurdi GDG will be speaking to Makurdi enthusiastic tech lovers on the this, on the 11 Aug, 2018 at Symbols Opp Benue University College of Health Science. 

To be part of this August meeting, all intents are to visit to reserved a seat for themselves.   

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