Top 10 New Free Offline & Online Android iOS Games

Gaming has reached a whole new level in recent times. There are a number of gamers that spend hours in front of their computer or laptop just looking to beat their opponents. However, with the advent of mobile gaming, the trend has changed a little bit. Game developers are now looking to create games that can be played as a single player and that too offline as well as online. So the next time, you see the sign 'no wifi games' do not sweat.

Here is a list of some of the best offline and online games that can be played on Android as well as iOs devices.

Tales of Thorn: Global

This game is an amazing role playing game. Tales of Thorn has taken gaming to a whole new level. The visuals as well as the progression of the character are amazing. You find yourself on an adventure with loads of weapons to choose from and a number of skills that can help you overpower enemies.


Millet Shootout: Battlefield Frontline

As the name suggests, this is a first person battlefield game. There are various modes that you can pick in this game. You even get death match modes as well as conquest modes that will definitely keep your thumbs moving.


Sword Fantasy Online - Anime MMO Action RPG

Sword Fantasy is another amazing game that can be played online as well as offline. Your mission is to destroy the dungeon boss by launching a sword at him. This is a one hand gesture game that has all aspects that you are looking for in a game. You can attack, run, dodge as well as dash around while completing your tasks. It has a fun story line and is very gamer friendly. The best part is this game comes with no pop up ads in between.


Light A Way

Light a way is a fun and adventure packed game based in the fantasy world. The world is consumed by darkness and your purpose is to bring the light back. You need to do this with the help of the magical staff of Flare that is gifted to you. You get to build your own guardian in the game and you also have amazing and adorable companions to choose from to take with you on your quest.


Colorblind - An Eye For An Eye

This is a fun and unique game that you may have never seen before. You play the role of the right eye and your quest is to rescue the left eye and restore color in the world. You will have a number of missions to complete and a number of eye sores to stay away from.


Crafter: AR Build Battle

This is a creative game that you can play with friends. You need to make structures with the help of cubes. Then your friends can guess it. This is an amazing social game that is free to play and is a lot of fun.


Identity V

This is a one of a kind horror game that has amazing storylines and gothic art. You need to run from the hunter and also cooperate with various teammates.


Olympus Rising: Hero Defense

Olympus Rising is an amazing game that allows you to conquer your enemies and crush them with your immortal powers. This game allows you to build up a strategy and take on the world of evil powers. You will discover a number of prizes on your journey and these will unlock various powers.


The Alchemist Code

Japanese games have always been very exciting and unique. The Alchemist Code is no different. You need to master the power of the Alchemy and change the world's fate. There are a number of tactical elements to the game that will keep you hooked on to it for hours.

Eden: The Game

Eden is a game where you need to build your community from scratch. You need to take care of everything and prioritize all tasks. This includes farming, construction, scavenging as well as hunting. Your main aim is to keep the morale of the community high. You can do a number of things such as decorating your camp and adding statues and paths.
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