Whatsapp Is Available For Jio Phone 2 and Jio Phone Users in India

After months of releasing Jio Phone 2 and Jio Phone devices, users of the phone has been anticipating Whatsapp to be available for their device, and finally, Whatsapp is available and rolling out to all Jio Phone models.

This is really a good news to all Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2 users in India, as the world's popular chatting app is now available for their phone.


Incase you don't know, Jio Phone is a 4G feature phone that runs on KaiOS and also very much affordable. Available apps for the phone includes Google Assistant, Google Maps, YouTube and Twitter.

Jio Phone WhatsApp has some basic WhatsApp features like end-to-end encryption for messaging with text, images and videos.

Few months ago, Jio Phone users (as well as users of other KaiOS phones) received a software update that added YouTube and Jio Store apps and other apps to their devices.

Currently, WhatsApp is only available for Jio Phone device based on KaiOS, while other KaiOS device will get WhatsApp application soon or later. Seriously, KaiOS now has over 40 million phones. This is about 27% of India’s mobile phone market and 47% of the country’s feature phone market.

Where To Download Whatsapp For Jio Phone 2 and Jio Phone

If you own a Jio Phone or Jio Phone 2, kindly head over to Jio Store on your phone to download the Jio Phone WhatsApp application.
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