Airtel Freebies - How To Get Free 1GB and How It Works

Airtel RechargePlus is a promo that has been available for few days now and a lot of people getting messages from either friends or even a promo text message from the service provider itself to dial a particular code and get free 1GB on Airtel which is actually true but they don’t know how it works.

Airtel RechargePlus is a new offer from Airtel that gives user free 250MB every week when you recharge. Making it 1GB per month. You can’t use this 1GB just like that… it must be unlocked.

How Do I Get Free 1GB on Airtel RechargePlus?

Simply dial *479# to get 1GB

To unlock the free 1GB, just do your normal recharge and unlock 250MB every week.

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