Mouth-Watering :10 Different Plantain Recipes

Sunday can be special if you remember leaving work, for those that works on sunday or church after service and  you are sure to get at least one of the 10 Different Plantain Recipes right in front of your dinning table. hahaha. Today on foodtalk we shall showcase this recipes which we got from Tatashey blog

Without making you salivate more, below are the 10 Different Plantain Recipes...
1. Gizdodo -Gizzard and Plantain medley
Gizdodo, stewed chicken gizzards mixed with diced fried plantain, is an all-time Nigerian party favorite. I know people who will show up to events solely because they’ve heard there’s going to be gizdodo served. Now, I’m not saying I am one of those people… but let’s be real, I am. Funny enough, I wasn’t a huge fan of gizdo, as it’s fondly nicknamed, when I first tried it. But now, you don’t even have to finish saying ‘giz-‘ before I show up. 

2. Plantain Chips

I have a love-hate relationship with plantain chips and I haven’t yet found a company that sells the perfect ones. In the past I would find really tasty ones to buy from street hawkers in Lagos, but over time the taste, quality, and quantity declined. My ideal plantain chips are ripe [oh how I detest those yellow, unripe ones], salty and slightly spicy. Served it with a glass of chilled zobo? Best.

3.Stuffed Baked Plantain
I’m pretty sure this recipe came about one day when I was bored with the usual fried plantain, but it changed my plantain game. I remember making these 2, thinking one for me one for bae. Guys, I ate both with no regrets and I would do it again if I could. Stuffed plantain boats are really simple to make and can be stuffed with your favorite anything! Meats, veggies, cheeses, you name it.

4. Plantain Bread
The versatility of plantain amazes me, but then again I shouldn’t have been surprised – it’s plantain after all. I’m not much of a baker, just see my failed cinnamon rolls recipe, but this one was a baking success. I like the fact that it’s not too sweet so it can be paired with either sweet or spicy condiments.
5.Plantain Spinach Wrap

For all certified members of Team Fit Fam, this one is for us you.  It takes out the guilt from plantain, but is still savory and filling enough to leave you satisfied. If you’re a meat-eater like me, try adding some shrimp or asun (goat meat) to the spinach mix. You’ll thank me later.

6. Eghwobobo [Plantain and Eba Swallow]
For someone who didn’t like eba growing up, I should have known that plantain would change the way I felt about it. Because plantain can make two people go from arch enemies to best friends. That’s what happened when I discovered the combination of mashed ripe plantains and eba – Eghwobobo. It took the sour edge off the eba, but didn’t taste overly sweet – it’s a perfect blend in my humble opinion. But my opinion is right.

7. Spicy Plantain Spring Rolls

Plantain spring rolls is a Filipino recipe known as Turon, typically made with ripe plantains, jackfruit and sugar. But as I do with a lot of recipes, I took away a couple of things and added my own, making a spicy plantain spring roll instead. I won’t claim it’s better than the original. But I’ll definitely think it.

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8.  Grilled Plantain

 Do you want the taste of fried plantain minus the guilt that usually follows? Welcome to the world of grilled plantain. Over the past year and a half, I can count the number of times I’ve fried plantain on one hand. That’s because once I discovered the joys of grilling, I never looked back.

9. Plantain Quesadillas

This one is an interesting recipe, and probably came at a time when I became obsessed with Mexican food. You know me, if a recipe is already good I’m 100% sure I can make it better by adding plantain. So I did; it was better. Trust me, I’m Nigerian.

10. Dodo [Fried Plantain]
It may not be the fanciest of them all but it’s a national treasure. Dodo is plantain that’s lightly salted and deep fried to golden perfection. I don’t know if it’s just me but when you walk into a room and there’s the faintest smell of fried plantain, the mood automatically changes. People look better, become friendlier, smile more. All because they know what is about to come. Although on the other hand, I pray you don’t walk into the room when the fried plantain has finished. Did someone say World War III?

In your leisure time  you can try one of the different plantain recipes we have put together for you this week.

For comments, observation or recommendations you can use the comment box below. see you next time with another interesting foodtalk gist.

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