How To Check/Verify Your Bank BVN On Phone MTN, Airtel & Etisalat

Checking your Bank Verification Number can be made possible by using the USSD code I will disclose to you here. Before then, let me tell you more about your BVN from your bank. 
The 11 digit number is your unique number use to trace all your online transaction online. This unique number owns all the details of you. We should emphasize the following advantages of possessing BVN in Nigeria:
  • Your account is always protected from unauthorized intrusion.
  • The universal identifier is applicable to all Nigerian banks.
  • You protect yourself from fraud and identity theft.
  • Simplicity of using the code will allow you to quickly identify in any bank.
  • Banking transactions are orderly and performed without failures. Technical problems will not affect your credit history.
Back to what we are looking for, MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, and Glo has now made it easier for you and I to check our bank bvn using a ussd code that I will give to you guys.

The code doesn't need an internet connection to work. Its just a dial and your Bank verification number will be staring at you face to face on your mobile phone screen (even on Nokia touch light phones). So if you find it hard to move around with your diary where you have your bank verification number neatly written down, or simply can't locate the one you have saved on your phone book, memorize this code.

Code To Check Your Bank BVN

Just dial *565*0# from the mobile phone number (sim) you have attached to your bank account. The code works for all banks bvn on MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat lines.

Below is an example using GT bank to check BVN 

Aside from using the above code to check your bank bvn on all Networks, some banks have taken it upon them to create there own unique custom code for checking it as well on the go. One of this banks include GTB.

So if you are a GTBank customer, you can also check your gtbank bvn by dialing *737*6*1#.

That of other banks will come up here once we get hold of them.

Things To NOTE

==>1. The above code checking bank bvn now works on Glo lines as well unlike when it was initially introduced.
==>2. Checking of bank bvn is not free. You need N10 airtime balance for it to work.
==>3. After checking your bvn using the above code, it's advisable you write it down in a secure location to save yourself from spending N10 each time.

That's all for now people. If you have questions, suggestions or issues making use of this code, kindly tell us using the comment box for assistance.

How to check BVN? 11 digits is quite a long combination. It’s not a problem if you have forgotten your unique number. There is simple code to check BVN. How to check BVN on MTN? If you are subscribed to MTN, take a phone and type *565*0#. After a short wait, BVN will appear on the mobile phone screen. Note that such a service costs 10 Naira. So it is desirable to write down the BVN somewhere not to check it again and pay every time you perform a check. How to check BVN on Glo? If you are subscribed to Glo, first make sure that there are at least 10 Naira on your account. This commission will be charged for the BVN checking. Text *565*0# on your phone. Very soon NBV will appear on the screen. How to check BVN on Airtel? If you are subscribed to Airtel, use the simple combination *565*0#. As in the previous cases, the BVN will soon appear on the screen. 10 Naira will be debited from your account. Read more:
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